Ankle Tattoo Designs – Getting a Tattoo you will Love

Ankle tattoos have long been a favorite of women. If you are considering getting one, make sure you think through the process so you will end up loving your tattoo rather than wishing it was different in some way. Ankle tattoos are a great beginner tattoo or for someone who has experience.

Ankle Tattoo

There are several choices for ankle tattoo designs. You can come up with your own design or have a tattoo artist make one for you. You must decide whether you want color or not. To make sure you like your design before it is made permanent, you can try it out before you buy it.

Ankle Tattoo Designs

Ankle tattoos are really popular among women. The ankle is a great place to put a dainty, sexy little tattoo. One of the benefits of an ankle tattoo is that it can be easily covered up in situations where it isn’t appropriate. But it can also draw a lot of attention when you want it to. Many people will start with an ankle tattoo design since it can be more discreet. Ankle tattoos can be a bit more painful since the area has less tissue than other areas like the arm.

The ankle tattoo design you choose should have some significance to you. Luckily, it is easy to make up your own design if you have a little artistry. Or you can describe the elements you want and a tattoo artist can make it for you. The most popular designs are small flowers. A single rose is probably the most popular of all flower designs. Butterflies are also a popular choice. Ribbons, hearts, and animals are also popular. Zodiac tattoos may also be appropriate. Designs that wrap around the ankle are becoming a favorite as well.

Ankle Tattoos for Girls

Most ankle tattoo designs are available in either color or black. Black generally costs less than color. But you are getting a permanent decoration on your ankle so money really should not be a determining factor. Most ankle tattoos are quite small, but larger ones are also popular. It is hard to tell whether you will want small or large until you have it on your ankle. Many tattoo studios can make a temporary tattoo out of any design you want so that you can give it a test drive before it is made permanent. You may discover that you really want a bigger tattoo or that they colors don’t compliment you skin tone.