Best Ways to Remove Cellulite

Cellulite, the dreaded orange peel bumps that appear on most women’s thighs and rear end at some point in their adult lives, is actually just fat which has broken through the connective tissue of the skin and deposited close to the skin’s surface.  Cellulite is not really associated with obesity and women of all ages suffer from it.   No doubt, however, it’s ugly and it’s also distressing to wake up one morning to find dimples on your upper thighs.  What can you do about it?  What are the best ways to remove cellulite?  For sure it is possible to can reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Some of the best ways to remove cellulite are with proper nutrition, toning exercise, regular body wraps and massage.

Anti Cellulite Cream

You don’t have to be fat to have cellulite, but if you do have it, chances are you are not practicing good nutrition and you are out of shape.  One of the best ways to remove cellulite is with proper nutrition.  Cut out the saturated fats.  Drink more water.  Get lots of green vegetables.  When you eat right, the appearance of your skin improves, including the skin on your thighs and bottom.  When you couple proper nutrition with toning exercise, you can see a vast improvement in the appearance of your cellulite.  When the muscles of your legs are toned, your skin appears more taut and smooth.  Clearly, diet and exercise are some of the best ways to remove cellulite.

So what if you eat right, exercise regularly but you still have cellulite?  Another one of the ways to remove cellulite is with an herbal body wrap.  With a body wrap, you remove your clothing down to your underwear.  A technician winds stretchy clothes soaked in an herbal mixture tightly around your body.  You put on a plastic running suit and relax for about twenty minutes.  When the clothes are removed, you will see a definite improvement in the appearance of your skin.  Although the results are not permanent, and herbal wrap can be one of the best ways to remove cellulite for the short term.

Anti Cellulite Creams

Another old fashioned tip to combat the appearance of cellulite is with massage.  It is said that massage is one of the best ways to remove cellulite.  You can either have a professional massage or you can just massage your thighs and buttocks with lotion yourself each time you finish in the shower.  Not only will your skin be soft and smell nice, it is said that regular massage improves blood flow to the area reducing the appearance of cellulite.  Whichever one of these best ways to remove cellulite you choose, keep in mind that you are not alone in your quest to be more beautiful!